In the spring of 2015, the idea of establishing the Alumni Club of the University of Latvia came to us – a group of like-minded people – graduates and students of various UL faculties, who were and are still active members of student organisations during their studies. We were united by the feeling that the UL diploma has not only the knowledge gained during the studies, but it also has added value – friends made during the studies, fellow students, contacts with the teaching staff and the management of the UL. And, of course, we had the experience of being socially active and involved. That is why we created the Alumni Club of the University of Latvia, so that graduates, who have something to say and something to give to each other and to the University of Latvia have the opportunity to do so.

The organisation unites graduates of the University of Latvia, who have gained from their studies at the University, in order to:

  1. Create and develop an environment for personal development and education of graduates, exchange of information and experience, building of professional and personal contacts.

  2. To enrich the UL with the knowledge, experience and resources of graduates.

  3. It would promote the development of the UL and promote its progress towards excellence, increasing the value of the UL diploma and promoting the growth of the country as a whole.