1. Be informed

Sign up for the UL AC electronic newsletter and find out about the events of the UL.

The University of Latvia is very large and many different events take place there. Most options are offered regularly. There is often no time to keep up with everything on a daily basis, so the Club offers a newsletter tailored to the interests of alumni that you can read in your email. On the newsletter we will include the current events of the UL Alumni Club (UL AC) and the UL, industry news, opportunities for further education (courses, seminars) and other useful information.

2. Attend alumni think tanks

Exchange experience and information with other graduates in the industries you are interested in.

UL AC brings together current and future graduates of various fields. By attending regular gatherings (lectures, think tanks, discussions, excursions, dinners), organised by UL AC, graduates will have the opportunity to mutually exchange information, consult and discuss with University lecturers and industry experts. At these meetings, you will also meet students – future employees and colleagues.

3. Achieve your goals

Get involved in the activities of the club, realising your ideas and projects.

UL AC is created by the initiative and ideas of graduates. The club is an open organisation that offers everyone interested to get involved in the work of the club, working on existing projects, as well as realising their own ideas and projects. By achieving your goals you will strengthen your organisational experience, improve your professional contacts and circle of friends, develop planning, communication and leadership skills, and get satisfaction from a good job!

4. Influence the development of the UL

One of the tasks of the UL AC is to enrich the UL with the experience and knowledge of graduates.

We are supported by the University's administration and staff, so members of UL AC will have the opportunity to get involved in UL development planning, sharing their experience and opinion. For example, when UL's birthday was approaching, UL AC organised a discussion "What should the University of Latvia look like in its centenary?"