Responsible graduates: Mārtiņš Brencis, Mārtiņš Gills, Pēteris Jurčenko, Oskars Brikšis and Aija Brikše.
Get involved, if you are an expert in architecture, urban planning, landscapes, art or just have a good taste!

The Alumni Trail is designed as our meeting place in the Botanical Garden of the UL, which would consist of various freely accessible environmental and landscaping objects (the Trail itself is specially designed in the form of path, benches, loungers, a sundial and a green theater as a stage for various events). As a part of the donation campaign on Alumni Day and through the platform in the fall of 2017, less than eight thousand euros were collected for the implementation of the Alumni Trail idea.

Club representative Oskars Brikšis is included in the development and artistic council of the UL Botanical Garden, which will take care of a unified vision of this area. At the end of October 2017, the development of the territorial plan of the UL Botanical Garden was completed, where the exact location of the Trail will be visible. A donation campaign for the Alumni Trail is planned together with the UL Foundation (a public call for popular alumni to donate to the Trail and meet on Alumni Day).

The Alumni Trail will be a symbolic 145-meter-long path that will wind through the hitherto unused part of the garden, where there used to be a wood school – an area, where many years ago various trees and shrubs were experimentally grown from seeds for acclimatisation, and then distributed throughout the garden. Due to various circumstances, these various and different trees and bushes are currently concentrated in the thicket, which will be passable as the first round of the Graduate Trail – Shadow Garden.

On 12 October 2019, the second round of the Alumni Trail was opened as a part of the autumn cleanup of the students and graduates of the University of Warsaw – the chairs purchased with the donation of A/S Balticovo.