Responsible graduates: Mārtiņš Brencis, Gunārs Elksnis, Rihards Blese and Kirils Solovjovs.
Get involved, if you care about the quality of studies!

What has been done? The 2016 Alumni Club think tank prepared a Road Map – recommendations for the excellence of the University of Latvia in three areas – international competitiveness, labour market and science. The representatives of the club presented the Road Map to the Strategic Council of the UL in several meetings. The Road Map has been sent to the UL management and all members of the UL Senate strategy commission. Regarding the recommendations of the Road Map, since August 2017, the Club has been meeting with the heads of the responsible departments of the UL once a month.

What's happening now? An agreement has been reached with the UL management that the representatives of the Club will be involved in study quality processes – in the evaluation of study programme ideas and concepts, as well as in the development of study regulatory documents.